Åmåls Bluesfest

Arranged by:
Blues Office
Kyrkogatan 10
662 31 Åmål
0532 - 713 98
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The best and biggest bluesfestival in Sweden started in 1992. This festival is by far the biggest these days, only Mönsterås comes even close. Fact is, it´s so big it is a bit too big at times, with you getting a bit overwhelmed with blues, if that is possible.
The train and boat blues sessions are always nice, but the boat is small, so be there on time. The food is OK for a festival, but the beer selection leaves a bit to be desired. The first nights, before the main event, the setting is in a few different clubs in town, so the beer selection then is much better.
The main festival site is large and has plenty of room for all spectators, and also a lot of space for relaxing or eating.
The stage is split in two, so that while there is a gig in one side, they other is being rigged, so there aren´t any long breaks between bands, which is good.

All in all, a highly recommended festival.